Tet Fair 2020 (17)

The Traditional Tet Fair 2020

The Tet Fair is now an annual event. It is so successful due to the wonderful support of parents who organize the many and varied stalls with food, gifts or activities. Of course, students and teachers also did a wonderful…

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Chess 3

What do students usually do after school?

     At SIS@Danang, students have an enjoyable and exciting time joining interesting clubs after normal classes. There are so many options for students to choose based on their needs and interests such as Swimming, Dance, Lego, Chess, Volleyball, Basketball clubs…Through…

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Christmas Charity Fair (31)

Christmas Charity Fair SY 2019-2020

 Another Christmas season is coming and bringing bustling atmosphere to SIS@Danang. From kindergarten to high school grade, the corridors and the classrooms are shimmering with Christmas colors decorated by our students and teachers  As always, an exciting, warm and meaningful…

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Teachers Day 2019 (8)

Happy Teachers’ Day _ SY 2019-2020

      What a great concert we had to celebrate Teachers’ Day. Students from many classes performed traditional and modern items. Congratulations to our confident MCs Rosa – Nhat Uyen and Bi – Bao Lam and to magician Ken- An Phu.…

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Halloween SY19-20 (13)

Happy Halloween _ SY 2019-2020

Halloween was a great opportunity for Kindergarten to demonstrate their creativity by wearing a costume and participating in many activities. Students loved going trick-or-treating to other classrooms and to the office. Having their photo taken near the displays brought them…

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STEM (11)

The First STEM week SY 2019-2020

    Wild Creations was our STEM week theme. There was lots of critical thinking and teamwork happening to achieve the goal. In some classes it was to design a cultural robot or traditional clothing for a doll. Making paper mache…

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