The First STEM week SY 2019-2020

STEM (11)

    Wild Creations was our STEM week theme. There was lots of critical thinking and teamwork happening to achieve the goal. In some classes it was to design a cultural robot or traditional clothing for a doll. Making paper mache hearts was the task for another class and lots of cutting and pasting. Over the course of the week students practiced and developed critical thinking skills in examining, enquiring, creating, adapting and reflecting. Teamwork and collaboration was also necessary to finish the task by the deadline. We can’t wait for the next STEM Week in January!

Kindergarten used STEM Week to build landmarks in cities all around the world – Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Golden Temple in Japan; Great Wall of China just to name a few. K2A built the city of Da Nang with the Dragon Bridge, Sunwheel and some of the skyscrapers. The children were very engaged while creating and building.