SIS Year 6 Students won the Second Prize for the English Speaking Contest at Language Exchange Festival in Danang City

Presentation 4

On 21st Jan 2017, Singapore International School participated in the Language Exchange Festival hosted by Danang Department of Education and Training for the first time. This Festival is one of the initiatives to support the APEC Summit to be held in Danang City in 2017.

Though only in Year 6, student Huynh Khuat Thuy Giao, together with her friends, did an excellent job of introducing the beauty of the landscape, culture, people and country of Australia. Through wonderful creativity and excellent English skills, student Giao and the other students acted as trees and kangaroos to talk about their own thoughts about the land and people of Australia. The presentation and performance was about wishing all animals a happy and peaceful life in any place on Earth, like Australia. The team out performed many other experienced and well-presented teams to win the Second Prize. Congratulations to our SIS Students!