Spelling Bee Champions

Have you been hearing words like cynocephali, anabathmoi, pulchritude, or enoptromancy around your house recently? If so, chances are high that you have a superstar speller in your family.👏 SIS @ Danang has once again given students a chance to shine academically with our Campus Spelling Bee, to improve students’ learning ability. The competition was held on Friday, February 24th and showcased spellers from both our International and Integrated programs at the Primary and Secondary levels.
The list of competition words comes from the official Scripps National Spelling Bee, an annual competition held in the United States since 1925. The students competing in our Campus Spelling Bee were quizzed on up to 450 words and those advancing to our system-wide competition will be challenged by almost 3,000 words! 😲😲
️🎉️🎊👏Congratulation on our students for winning in SIS @ DaNang Spelling Bee competition 2023:
1. Min Riyu – Y5L
2. Nguyen Ngoc Anh Tho (Tiffany) – Y5B
1. David Ciprian Bota – Y7L
2. Nguyen Vuong Chien (Kevin) – Y6A
😘Best of luck to our winners and may they emerge victorious!🤗