Singapore International Schools Business Competition – January 2016

Business Competition 2016 (16)

Attendees: SIS @ VT; SIS @ SS, SIS @ Danang
Date of Competition: 16 January, 2016
Venue: Danang

On Saturday, 16 January, Singapore International School @ Danang (SIS @ Danang) hosted the 2nd Interschool Business Competition. The competing schools were, SIS @ Saigon South, SIS @ Vung Tau and SIS @ Danang. Two teams from each school participated in the competition and their presentations were given to a panel of judges made up of professionals in the field of marketing.

The aim of the competition was to promote Singapore International Schools’ successful learning strategies through interschool competition.  The weekend competition provided an opportunity to test the students’ skills learnt in IGCSE such as Business Studies, Global Prospective, and English and apply them in a real life practical situation.

This proved to be practical learning experience that allowed our students to recognise and utilise skills that would not be available in the classroom.  It was also an opportunity to gather young people with similar backgrounds, to share ideas and collaborate in the spirit of competition with the objective of making a meaning full learning experience shared and enjoyed by all; students, teachers, administrators and guests.

Students were given the task to prepare a marketing strategy for a designated target market. For the 2016 competition, the target country was Portugal, specifically, the islands of the Azores.  Students prepared present this to the local Portuguese Government a marketing strategy for sustainable tourism for the Azores Island chain.

The teams were required to give a presentation (maximum length 20 minutes) during which they presented their marketing strategy to a panel of judges.

All teams did exceptionally well and judges were impressed with the high standard of teams’ presentations.

The students were able to celebrate their achievements after the presentations with a dinner in the beautiful heritage town of Hoi An. The following morning, the students met once more for a buffet breakfast at a seaside resort in Danang.

 SIS @ Danang’s Students’ Opinions of the Event:
•          It was good experience to present in front of teachers and students from other schools – it was a little scary though.
•          Maybe it’s better we go to a place where its new for everybody because DNG students are already comfortable with the place. Other students may have been tired from the travel to Danang.
•          It was good to meet other teachers and students from Singapore International Schools.