A Wonderful Teacher’s Day Vietnam 20 – 11

Dance - Nguoi Thay - Year 2A

     Teacher’s Day Vietnam 20 – 11 was again a wonderful celebration because of the appreciation shown by students and parents to staff. The special assembly, compered by Dinh Khang (Y7), Bao Lam, Gia Bao and Lam Phi (Y4B) was the culmination of many hours of dedicated rehearsal from students and staff.
Year 2A presented with Ms Van some of the traditions around Teacher’s Day and students from Y1B (Thay co cho em mua xuan), Y4A (Bui phan), Y4B (Co la), Y5 (Kpop), Y6A (Nho on thay co), Y7 (Heart Shaker) and IGCSE performed. Primary students group showed what they have learnt from their STEM lessons titled “Action for the Environment”. They used recycled materials to design the impressive costumes for fashion show.
One group of teachers presented a modern dance with cha-cha and another performed in costume the traditional dance, with “ Di hoc” song.

Thank you to the many parents who attended the assembly and to all students and families who gave flowers and gifts.