Graduation Ceremony and School Concert SY 2023 – 2024

🎉The Graduation Ceremony and School Concert SY 2023-2024 was officially held by teachers and students of Singapore International School @ Danang at the Trung Vuong Theatre.
The Ceremony marked the growth and development of students, who have been well equipped for the next school years. This year, the leadership of school captains has been instrumental in fostering school spirit and building a strong sense of community. On this occasion, students with excellent academic achievement were awarded and praised, presenting the very first priority of KinderWorld with a focus on great teaching in the classrooms over the last years.
👏 Congratulations to Graduates of Preparatory classes, A level – Cambridge and Year 12 Integrated class of SIS @ Danang.
🎊 Congratulations to all students for your hard work. And thank you to all teachers and staff for your dedication and passion to the teaching career during the school year.