Monthly Archives: April 2017

Easter activities at SIS Danang

Easter activities, like the egg hunt and painting eggs, have brought Kindergarten students at SIS Danang much joy. The traditional symbol of the egg for rebirth was introduced to KIK students in a meaningful and memorable way.Teachers have focused on outdoor learning activities this year so that…

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A Wonderful Family Fun Day

It was a sunny Saturday and all students and their families at SIS Danang did have a wonderful fun day. Games and Contests brought people together, and did not only help parents escape from hustle & bustle life but also helped students enjoy…

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Wonderful Sports Day

SIS@Danang held a wonderful Sports Day to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle – one of our Schoolwide Learner Goals. There was plenty of friendly competition between the Red and Gold teams, encouraged by a large number of parents. The…

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