STEM programme

From this School Year 2020 – 2021, SIS@Danang has integrated Coding and Robotics content into the STEM Curriculum.

At the beginning of November 2020, students and teachers attended a two-day STEM training, including Coding and Robotics with mBlock equipment. Students had a great time and experience familiarizing themselves with mTiny and Codey Rocky robots to create interesting and highly interactive games.

From the first STEM day of the year, students of SIS@Danang have been working hard to incorporate STEM into their daily thinking! The Integrated students of Lower Primary 1&2 have shown their wonderful creativity with Lego. The Lower Secondary students have been learning programming and coding knowledge through The High School students have worked with Alpha 1 Pro, a humanoid-programmable robot that enables students to program and share their performances, dances, yoga moves, and martial arts. SIS@Danang has also equipped UBTECH UKIT Advanced and UKIT Explore so that students can design a systematic and progressive robotic model with programming.

The STEM programme at SIS@Danang is steadily growing! We hope that students’ skills developed through this STEM Curriculum will provide them with the foundation to success in school and in their future.